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How to Get Involved

Mountain View Trees has many volunteers who donate their time, talents and energy to enhancing the trees of our beautiful city and we can always use many more volunteers. For any of the positions below, or for any position you would like to create, please email info@MountainViewTrees.org and we will have the most appropriate person contact you.

Press Release Editor

Write articles of interest for newspapers serving Mountain View and Los Altos such as ones featuring awards to outstanding companies or individuals who plant the most trees or donate generously to building groves of trees. Or write articles about unusual trees or the special characteristics of certain beautiful trees. As we emphasize education so much, it is helpful to publish the benefits of trees in unique and exciting ways, especially in ways that can be measured.

Grant Writer

This person would research and apply for funding sources to support the existing or planned program activities for Mountain View Trees. This volunteer would prepare proposals, submit grant applications and create a calendar of possible funding opportunities.

Children’s Program Director

Create a prototype or utilize an existing program to teach children about trees and get them involved in ways which will spark their love of nature and trees in particular. This can be a story hour or hands on art projects to dovetail with our Arbor Day table event or even a citywide program involving all public schools.

Development Director

Be in charge of all fund raising activities and direct the annual giving campaign. You would help establish our annual and multi-year goals and develop a time table for all the components of the annual giving campaign. You would manage the database of identified and possible donors and direct the effort of other volunteers on the fund raising committee.

Board Member

Our young non-profit is looking for new board members to help guide the organization in the years ahead. This position requires a three year commitment. You would attend monthly meetings and be on at least one committee within the organization. Working closely with other board members, you would implement the programs of the group, vote in all the decisions made and make recommendations.

Volunteer Coordinator

We need to find a vital person to supervise the people who volunteer their services to coordinate their skills and interests to fit our organization. It would be important for this person to monitor and record the efforts and time involved along with developing appropriate volunteer activities and positions. You will have ample opportunity to communicate with potential volunteers.

Gala Event Assistant

Do you love to throw parties? The Gala Events Assistant helps organize, coordinate, and implement an annual fundraising celebration that provides integral support to Mountain View Trees’ educational and tree planting programs. You may work on decorations, silent auction, flowers, or publicity, whichever area suits you best.

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