Support Mountain View Trees

Through your donations and your time, you can help sustain and enhance the trees of the City of Mountain View. Donations of any size are very welcome. Donating to Mountain View Trees is a way to further our programs of Stewardship, Education and Tree Advocacy. Gifts to Mountain View Trees may be tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

How You Can Help Support Mountain View Trees

All of the MVT events are free to the public. There is a cost for operating, however, even with such dedicated volunteers. Expanding the programs to homeowners, adding residential planting events and preparing Tree Walk materials requires funding. Please help us make Mountain View an even more beautiful place to live and walk. Your donations will help assure the future success of our programs as we invest in the future of our community.

Please support the continued growth of Mountain View Trees

Our suggested donation levels are listed below, and any amount will be well used, and very much appreciated.


  • Suggested Donation!


  • Suggested Donation!
If you prefer, send your check made out to:

Mountain View Trees
PO Box 893
Mountain View, CA 94042

A suggested donation to Mountain View Trees of $15 is welcome.

Gifts to Mountain View Trees may be tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

We look forward to seeing you at future Mountain View Trees events!

Trees are an integral part of our heritage and our future

 A city that is well shaded by a forest canopy has many benefits to offer. These include:

More moderate temperatures:
Trees reduce heat islands, shade our home and offices in the summer, and provide windbreaks, which keep us warmer in the winter.

Increased community:
People spend more time outside in areas with lots of trees, and know more of their neighbors.

Improved health:
Many studies show that spending time with trees helps people recover from illness more quickly, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure.

Higher real estate values:
For residential properties landscaped with trees, and business districts lined with trees are more vibrant and attract more customers.

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